Ostomy Canada Youth Camp

Ostomy Canada Youth Camp 2020

Webinar Poster

Lisa has been a volunteer mentor at Ostomy Canada Youth Camp since 2007 after learning about its existence. Since 2016, she had acted as Pat’s right hand partner as Co-Administrator, assuming the role of Camp Administrator mid 2019 when Pat resigned from the position.

Lisa became involved in Ostomy Canada Society because of her passion to help youth accept their ostomy. She has had an ostomy since 1989 due to Crohn’s disease. Lisa had a temporary ileostomy as a young adult, then, as her disease progressed she had to have a permanent colostomy for a number of years. A severe bowel perforation, multiple abdominal fistulas and a yearlong hospitalization for sepsis made it necessary for Lisa to have all but three feet of her G.I tract removed, leaving her with SBS and a jejeunostomy.

As a young adult, Lisa had a difficult time accepting life with an ostomy and became involved in Youth Camp in an effort to help others along their journey to acceptance.

She taught and tutored in the early 90’s. When it became necessary to leave her chosen career due to poor health, Lisa graduated with a BA in Humanities and Psychology.

Lisa is also the Senior Editor of Ostomy Canada magazine. Since 2008 Lisa has enjoyed all of her contributions to Ostomy Canada Society.

Lisa’s most important job is being a mother to her 18-year-old son, Wesley.

For more information, see the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp website here.