Visitor Training 2018

Would you like to join the team of visitors that spend time with a person, or family member, who have had ostomy surgery?

“The well-being of the ostomate is the ultimate goal of the partnership between the surgeon, stoma nurse and the ostomy visitor”.

The goal of the Ostomy Canada Society and Regina and District Ostomy Society is to reduce the emotional burden of men, women and children who have undergone or will undergo ostomy surgery, so they may return to their former physical, social and economic status.

The purpose of the Visitor Program is to qualify members of the Society as Trained Ostomy Visitors. It is the ultimate objective of the Program to make trained ostomy visitors available to patients with all types of ostomies, and also to support persons, in order to:

  • help the person living with an ostomy renew self-confidence as an individual, with all the qualities of self-assurance that were present prior to surgery
  • bolster the patient’s morale
  • help the patient and his/her family in their emotional and social rehabilitation
  • offer reassurance, understanding, and practical information as appropriate
Visitor TRAINING pdf Program for 2018
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